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12-28-2016: My Commentary on the Peace Process & Jpost Update:

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JPOST Update: PLO official: Overall message of Kerry speech welcome, but parameters unacceptable

PLO Executive Committee member Mustafa Barghouti welcomed the overall message of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech on Wednesday, but said that the Palestinian leadership cannot accept the top US diplomat’s suggested parameters.

“All in all, I think that the speech was very impressive in making very clear the diagnosis of the situation and in making it very clear that Israel has one choice and no more, either a one-state or a two-state solution,” Barghouti told The Jerusalem Post, before qualifying that, “The concluding principles were not something we could agree with.”

Kerry’s speech comes less than a week after the US abstained on a UN Security Council resolution critical of settlements. Barghouti elaborated that Kerry’s principles pertaining to refugees, recognition of the Jewish state, and Jerusalem are “unacceptable.”

“First, you cannot make the issue of Palestinian refugees only an issue of compensation; you cannot deny people their right to return to their home,” Barghouti said, responding to Kerry’s point that most refugees will not return to their historic homes and instead receive compensation.

“Second, recognition of Israel as a Jewish state would deny the right of the Palestinian people who are citizens of Israel and that is totally unacceptable. Israel cannot be Jewish and democratic at the same time,” Barghouti continued. Kerry said that both sides will have to recognize each other including Israel recognizing Palestine as a home for Palestinians, and Palestine recognizing Israel as a home for Jews.

“Third, his formula about Jerusalem is absolutely something that the Palestinians cannot accept. It must be clear that Jerusalem is east Jerusalem according to 1967 lines. East Jerusalem should be the capital of Palestine. How can it be a capital of two states,” Barghouti concluded, saying that compromises to the 1967 borders cannot be tolerated.

The issue of parameters has historically divided the various Palestinian factions as there is no consensus amongst the various parties of the final formula for resolving the conflict. PA President Mahmoud Abbas and his closest aides have yet to respond to Kerry’s speech.


In my commentary at this very late hour we are living in, I believe the parameters were never officially set in John Kerry's speech. I will be looking for the US Obama Administration to file at the UNSC level in upcoming days / weeks exact parameters what they expect for a 2 state solution and a final resolution. This may happen at the Paris France Peace Summit January 15, or it may happen before hand. Something has to happen before January 20th, and it is clear Netanyahu is not wanting to budge an inch until Trump takes office. So please be informed that I will carefully post anything I find in the upcoming days / weeks on a final vote on the 2 State Solution from the United Nations Security Council. Time is running out, I hope we see something happen before the 20th of January. I do have to note that I suspect Obama will cancel the Swearing in Ceremony January 20th and will physically prevent Trump from entering in the White House. Something is going to happen and it is only a matter of time before we find out what exactly happens on January 20th.

May the One True God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob bless you abundantly these very last days, Shalom.

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