Monday, December 19, 2016

Brother-In-Christ Bob Ware Had a Major Prophetic Dream of seeing 777 in a Poker hand FROM THE LORD!!!

My Brother in Christ Bob Ware, who is also a writer for, had a very prophetic dream last night, this is the following message he emailed me:

Last night, December 18, 2016, in a dream, I was dealt this 'FULL HOUSE' poker hand: 'JACK 7 7 7 JACK'. The sum of the ASCII codes for that hand, just as it is written, is 727 which is my house number !
The 'JACK' follows the '10' so it would be the 11th card. The string would then be '11-7-7-7-11'. Note the 117 (Psalms 117) and the 711. My father died on 7.11 of 1990 and brother Lloyd died on 7.11 of 2006.
        11 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 11 = 43 >>> the 43 Kings.
                The 'KING' is the highest face card in the deck. The 'ACE' is usually the highest value, but in some games it is also played as a 'ONE'.

~Bob Ware


I believe this is a prophetic sign from the Lord showing Bob that completion of the Age of Grace is this year!!! Most likely before or on September 20, 2017!!! 

And what the Lord has put on my heart is that this dream from brother-in-Christ Bob Ware revealing 777 for completion, ties in with when the DOW Jones Industrial dropped 777 points on September 29, 2008.
And so if we do go home on the 31st of December from the day the DOW dropped to December 31 of 2017 would be 3,016 days!! ....alluding to 3016 AD Great White Throne Judgment. So we will have to see if we go home this year or next year in 2017. Either way, I really believe this DOW Drop and Bob Ware's dream of being dealt 777 in a poker hand in a prophetic dream from the Lord that Jewish Year 5777 is when we go home!! This is huge:
Lastly, the deck of cards was an Jack (11) and then three cards with a 7 on them, then another Jack (11) for a total of 5 cards standing for grace!! 

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