Monday, January 16, 2017

An urgent message to all people on earth

Published Dec. 9, 2016:

I Don't Know Who The Speaker Is,
But All I Know This Message Is From Jesus.
The Recording Was From A Guy In South Africa, I Don't Know His Name
And The Message Was Send To Various Children Of God.
Time To Wake Up And Repent .. 


"Brothers and sisters in Christ I just want to tell you what happened to me yesterday morning, I've got a word for all of you, for your family and for your friends - please share this with whoever, wherever you go, whatever you do. Time is running out.

While we were praying yesterday morning, while we were worshipping in church. I sent a thing out last week, where a woman - where God showed her how people are worshipping, and she could see their thoughts. And not ONE of their thoughts or their minds were on Christ, but it was all on their own things. And I said, "Holy Spirit, I want you to take my thoughts, take them into captive. I want to concentrate only on God."

And as I said that, I was praying it, I said, "God, I only want to concentrate on You." And suddenly I was gone. The Holy Spirit took me and I was in a place where there was so much peace. And while I was there, I saw Jesus standing there in a cloud, and the angels were standing around Him, and they all had their shofars by their mouth, ready to blow it.

And I was crying, and I said, "Jesus, what are You doing?" And He said, "I am on My way, I am coming. Time is over." And I said, "Lord, but You can't - the people are not ready yet? What's going to happen to my brothers and sisters? What's going to happen with my neighbors? What's going to happen?

And He said to me, "Look at your watch." And I looked at my watch - and it was blank! It was completely blank, there's no numbers on it - it was BLANK. And He said, "Time is passed. Time is OVER. There's no more time. My Mercy has ended."

And I was crying, and I said, "No, Lord - you can't!" And I saw myself running to my car to get my cell phone, to look on my cell phone - but it's blank. There is no time, it is blank. It's a time of no time. And it's scary people - because there's lot of people who're not ready yet.

And, I snapped out of it and I was crying, and I was just explaining to my wife what just happened. And as we got in the car, her father phoned, and he was hysterical. And he said, "Son, put the phone on speaker." And I said, "Dad, it is on speaker." And he says, "I had a dream - God showed me a dream last night." And I said, "What is it?" Because it sounds like my dad is on his final (...?) And he said, "Son, God showed me a watch, and He showed me there's no time on the watch. And I ran to get my watch, and there's no time on it. And I asked your mom for the time, and there was no time on the watch. And I said, 'God, what does it mean?' And He said, 'My time is finished. I am coming.' He was grabbing people by their necks and throwing them in to the church and saying, 'REPENT NOW, or forever run in Hell.' And people were just laughing at Him. They think He's a joke."

People, this is real! God showed me this - since I'm coming to this church God's been revealing things to me in Big ways, in small ways. God said don't keep quiet, tell the people. I am coming! Time is over! Please get it out there, spread it. Because people, if you know somebody that's not ready, get them ready. Because time's over..."

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