Monday, January 23, 2017

Thank you Louis!! Dow Dropped 777.7 points in 2008 MEANING!! 2017 IS the Year!!

Hi, I was sitting at my desk at work. I was alone with a piece of scrap paper, I wrote what I heard. The first 7 of the Dow Jones is the year 1917 When the Land of Israel was turned over to the Jews. The second 7 of the Dow Jones is the year 1967 50 years later is a Jubilee year too when the Jews took control of Jerusalem. The third 7 is a Jubilee year also, 50 years later the year 2017 is when Jesus takes his property. That is You. We have 777. The last 7 after the period is how long the tribulation will be. There you have it, Dow Jones drops 777.7. This was given to you in the year 2008. Jesus Christ was giving us a timeline.. I believe this with all my heart I look for the Rapture this year 2017. Maybe the Feast of Trumpets.  

The LORD tapped me on my arm when I was reading this to confirm!!

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