Monday, January 2, 2017

Jan. 2, 2017: Bennett Speaks of UN Resolution on 2 State Solution at Conference

Minister of Diaspora affairs Naftali Bennett addressed rabbis and community leaders about Israel's political situation in the world.

Minister of Diaspora affairs Naftali Bennett spoke today (Monday) before the Conference of Rabbis and Community Leaders of the World Zionist Organization Center for Spiritual Services in the Diaspora.

In his speech, Bennett said, "In the last two weeks, two blows were delivered to Israel: Members of the UN Security Council raised their hands in favor of a resolution that the entire Old City, the Mount of Olives, City of David, and the rest of Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley, are all occupied territory, illegal.

"In whose authority do people address a nation founded almost 4,000 years ago, and for 3,000 of which has had Jerusalem as its capital. Who appointed them to say that our house, our capital, is occupied? Jerusalem is ours forever and no Jew, in any generation, and even a whole generation of Jews, who seeks to forfeit it can [do so]. Because it belongs to the nation of Israel," stated Bennett.

"People wish us an Happy Hanukkah; when they wish Happy Hanukkah do they understand where Judah Maccabee fought? Did he fight on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv or on the slopes that ascend from the Ayalon Valley towards Jerusalem, what they call 'the occupied territories'? How can you wish Happy Hanukkah when the area is occupied?" Bennett wondered.

He said: "The world thinks that the Land of the Patriarchs is for us a folklore symbol. It is not a symbol, the land is real. Anyone who lives thousands of miles from here does not understand that we live Jerusalem, Ma'aleh Levonah, and Hebron. This is the reality. But I have no complaints to nations of the world, the complaints should be directed to us ourselves. Have we really been clear and unambiguous regarding our absolute right to the Land of Israel?"

Bennett utilized Hanukkah to clarify the point: "Let's go back to read Matthias' famous call. When he declared, 'Who is with G-d, to me!', he did not say, 'Look, let's concede and come to an agreement with the Greeks, we'll jettison the Covenant'. He said: 'Whoever is for G-d, to me!'. Only an unambiguous declaration will gain the respect of the world. I am not looking for love in the world, and we won't get any. Israel will achieve respect when Israel respects itself, when the people of Israel say the Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel. Then and only then will we unify the nation and have the world's respect.

"Whoever is willing to divide himself will only enjoy the world's love momentary," added Bennett. "Applause. A week of applause after we gave away and left Gush Katif. What did we get then? Leave aside the terror tunnels, the rockets, even the international scene: Does the world say 'Wow you Israelis are so generous. You expelled the Jews, applause. Now we're with you...'? What happened with Operation Cast Lead? The Goldstone report, the Chavez report and the Marmara. From bad to worse. They despise and condemn us. They say that we ourselves do not think this is our country.

"Israel should comply with its principles, only this gets respect from the world. Only if we provide our own light. But concessions are not power but a great weakness," said Bennett.

Towards the end of his remarks Bennett spoke about the issue of assimilation: "In another hundred years they will ask, did you know we are losing a lot of Jews? We are being lost at a rate unlike any time in our nation's history. There was the exile of the tribes, the Holocaust, but we are now in one of the major events in terms of losing Jews in our history. You who are involved in the field are doing sacred work. Even if the entire Jewish people does not move to Israel, we want them to, but we know that not everyone will. Today, thank G-d the State of Israel is at the heart, so to you I just want to say thank you - you have fulfilled the supreme command of the Strength of Israel..."

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