Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 15th, 2017 Paris France Peace Conference articles....

Kerry: We protected Israel from unfair treatment at Paris summit
US Secretary of State praises final statement issued by international gathering in Paris, says US shielded Israel from unfair treatment.

Kerry calls PM from Paris, vows no further UN action

US secretary promises to soften text of final communique at peace summit, says there will be no followup moves


On 17 January, the Council would hold an open debate on the Middle East, he said, noting that France was organizing a conference on the issue on 15 January.  He hoped that the meeting, along with the Council’s recent adoption of resolution 2334 (2016) would trigger action towards a two-State solution.


France: ‘Serious consequences’ if US moves embassy to Jerusalem
French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault says at the Paris peace conference that there would be “extremely serious consequences” if the US Embassy to Israel moves to Jerusalem.

French diplomats fear Trump will unleash new tensions in the region by condoning settlements on land claimed by the Palestinians and potentially moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to contested Jerusalem, AP reports.


So now what? NO further UN Action? I seems like this peace deal is going to take all the way till September to accomplish! I thought there would be a UN Meeting on Tuesday the 17th? What will happen with this upcoming meeting this Tuesday? We will just have to wait and see. I just want to go home.... Please Lord, come back quickly!!

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