Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Chapter the Lord Gave Me For The Year 2017

I have been in deep prayer the last 2 days and have asked the Lord to open me to a chapter in the Bible He wants for all of 2017. I asked the Lord if He would give me a chapter that would confirm He is coming back soon. I believe the Page in the Bible that was partially damaged in the Tennessee Wild Fires (that took place on November 28/29, 2016) is the page the Father wants us to apply to a possible 2017 rapture. I hope and pray this page is a sign the rapture will happen in 2017.

It is clear that Joel 1:15 proves the day of the Lord IS at hand and that the destruction will come shortly after this page was preserved and blown out of the fires into a nearby park for someone to find and eventually publish it for all serious watchers to see.

After much prayer, the Lord opened me to Ezekiel 39:11 and reminded me that Natan's prophecy is correct in prophesying that Barack Obama IS Gog of Ezekiel 39:11 who will start the Gog and Magog War. The Lord opened me to all of Ezekiel 39 tonight, after much prayer, to tell me to post it here for all to see that this verse applies to a possible rapture for 2017. For if Obama is Gog of Ezekiel 39:11, I would think the rapture would take place while he is still in the world scene. We shall surely find out if he takes a 3rd term, or if the rapture happens soon.

The Lord is commanding me to post Natan's Near Death Experience testimony. For those who are unaware of this, Natan lives in Israel and died on the 4th blood moon lunar eclipse on September 28, 2015 and was in Heaven for 15 minutes and was told by God the Father that Barack Obama IS Gog of Ezekiel 39:11 and that the War started back on September 11, 2015 which is what we call the beginning of sorrows.

Here is Natan's testimony:

For the Lord to open me to Ezekiel 39 to remind me of Natan's testimony is NO ORDINARY coincidence. I wish I could say for sure we are going home in 2017, but we will soon have to find out.

I hope this message blesses you and I hope we do go home in Hebrew Year 5777 preferably. Because I question if Lamech's prophecy applies to this year, Hebrew Year 5777 which ends on September 20, 2017.

For Yeshua did say that His coming would be like the days of Noah... Lamech died 5 years before the flood at age 777 years. Could this be a foreshadow? We shall soon find out. Shalom.

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