YHWH Crossing America Out - Judgment Comes Soon!

YHWH Crossing America Out - Judgment Comes Soon!

Sunday, January 8, 2017



New UN chief Guterres pledges to make 2017 'a year for peace'

New UN Secretary General - António Guterres

1 January 2017 – On his first day at the helm of the United Nations, Secretary-General António Guterres today pledged to make 2017 a year for peace.
“On this New Year's Day, I ask all of you to join me in making one shared New Year's resolution: Let us resolve to put peace first,” said Mr. Guterres in an appeal for peace.
He said one question weighs heavy on his heart. “That is: how can we help the millions of people caught up in conflict, suffering massively in wars with no end in sight?”
“Peace must be our goal and our guide,” he said, urging all citizens, governments and leaders to strive to overcome differences.
“I appeal to you all to join me in committing to peace, today and every day. Let us make 2017 a year for peace,” he added.
Having been formally appointed by the UN General Assembly on 13 October 2016, Mr. Guterres, aged 67, will serve for a five-year period from today to 31 December 2021. He was Prime Minister of Portugal from 1995 to 2002, and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees from June 2005 to December 2015.

Also, please open the above link and watch video. 

Major discovery, Lamech died 5 years before the flood at age 777 years. Lamech died when Noah was 595 years of age. Noah then, 5 years after Lamech's death, went into the ark at age 600.
The Middle chapter of the Bible is Psalm 117 with Genesis chapter 1 as the 1st chapter and Revelation chapter 22 as the last chapter. Psalm 117 does stand for 2017, just like Psalm 47 stands for 1947, Psalm 48 stands for 1948 and so forth. Psalm 117 is the 595th chapter of the Bible - the age Noah was when Lamech died five years before the flood. Could this mean we go home this year in 5777 before September 20, 2017? I believe this is what this DOES mean... Not to set a year for the rapture, but this cannot be an ordinary coincidence!!!!!!!!!!!!

MORE  CONFIRMATION: IMPORTANT ARTICLE: Obama’s Zero Hour Israel Burn at UN Foretold in Stunning Jerusalem Prophecy


And it shall come to pass in that day that I will make Yerushalayim a stone of burden for all the peoples; all that burden themselves with it shall be sore wounded; and all the nations of the earth shall be gathered together against it. Zechariah 12:3

Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a noted Torah expert on the end of days, told Breaking Israel News that the international conflict surrounding Jerusalem as described in Zechariah is a necessary element of the Messianic process. Rabbi Winston cited Leviticus Rabbah, a homiletic commentary on the Book of Leviticus, which states, “Three times in the future Gog and Magog will war with Israel and go up against Jerusalem. They will assemble and anger the nations to go up to Jerusalem.”

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