Friday, March 10, 2017

A SERIOUS Word From The Lord.........

International Women's day was March 8, 2017 and Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Donald J. Trump, posted about a tragic crime that took place on International Women's Day. 

An 18 Year old Woman was engaged to be married and was kidnapped and brutally gang raped on March 8th in Denison Texas!!! 

Please pray for Breana Harmon Talbot of Denison Texas, she was able to escape the rape and knife attack by 3 gang men by running away from the scene of the crime into a church in Texas!! Such a terrible crime to commit!!! These men will see the WRATH OF ELOHIM POUR OUT VERY SOON!!!!!

When I found out about this terrible crime, I received a word from the LORD and was told the following:

"The WRATH of ELOHIM will pour out on these 3 men VERY SOON!" THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD!

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