Friday, April 7, 2017

12720 and Discerning the Times

What the Lord has put on my heart is that the 12,720th verse in the Old Testament, when we consider Genesis 1:1 is the 1st verse, would be Esther 1:17. Esther is the 17th book of the KJV Bible and chapter 1 verse 17 alludes to the short form of 2017. I hope and pray we do go home in 2017, because according to my Davis Bible Dictionary for KJV Scriptures 4th revised edition says the Jubilee Year (which I think could be Hebrew Year 5777 which ends on September 20th, 2017) could possibly be the Acceptable Year of the Lord Isaiah speaks of in Chapter 61 and 63 in the book of Isaiah. I hope this makes sense, and I hope we do go home in 2017. Shalom :)

P.S. Brother-in-Christ John Tng, do you think this could possibly mean a 2017 rapture? I hope we do go home this year. Blessings :)

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