Thursday, April 6, 2017


United States fires 50 missiles at Syrian airfield from which chemical weapons were fired at civilians.

The United States fired cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield on Thursday night, U.S. military officials told NBC News.

According to the officials, two U.S. warships in the Mediterranean Sea fired at least 50 Tomahawk missiles at the Ash Sha'irat in Homs province in western Syria.

The strike was a direct order from President Donald Trump. The strikes are over "until another decision is made," an official told CNN.

According to NBC News, the airfield that was targeted is the place from which the United States believes the government of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad fired sarin gas towards the Idlib province earlier this week.

There was no immediate word on casualties. U.S. officials told NBC News that no civilians were targeted and that aircraft and infrastructure at the site, including the runway, were hit.

Ahrar Al Sham, the largest Syrian armed rebel group, told NBC News it "welcomes any U.S. intervention through surgical strikes that would deter the Assad regime capabilities to kill civilians and shorten the suffering of our people."

The strike came hours after Trump, speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One, said "something should happen" with Assad in the wake of the attack.

"I think what Assad did is terrible. I think what happened in Syria is one of the truly egregious crimes. It shouldn't have happened. It shouldn't be allowed to happen," Trump said.

"I think what happened in Syria is a disgrace to humanity. He's there, and I guess he's running things, so something should happen," added Trump.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, speaking to reporters later on Thursday, said “steps are underway” on an international coalition to pressure Assad from power.

“It's a serious matter, it requires a serious response,” the Secretary of State said, adding that this week's attack “violates all previous UN resolutions, violates international norms and long-held agreements.”

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