Thursday, April 13, 2017


Video Transcript:

The Wind whispers the Truth. Are you listening? The signs are all around you. Are your eyes not opened? What I speak is the Eternal Truth. It has been foretold from the beginning. You shall stand in front of Me and I will be in all My Majesty. Are you ready for My Judgment? Time beacons for My Command. For it has waited patiently for its time in the sun. Events shall begin Suddenly. For where there is Order, there shall be Chaos. Where there is Peace, there shall be War. Soon a dearth shall cover the land. A cry for injustice has reached My Ears. Pray fervently that you shall be found worthy. Have you held your neighbor? Have you given instead of taken? Now is the time to listen instead of speaking, praying instead of talking. This is the Season of Change. Will your house be found in order?

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