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A Prophetic Word from the Lord and the Movie Evan Almighty speaking of September 22nd...

So as we can see, Revelation 12 Ministries states that back in 2007, the movie Evan Almighty predicted the date of the "flood" as September 22nd. 

From Rosh Hashanah 2007 all the way until Rosh Hashanah 2017 the only year in this 10 year time span that Rosh Hashanah (aka Feast of Trumpets) falls on September 22nd is this year in 2017. September 22nd is Tishri 2 - the 2nd day of the Feast of Trumpets. 

Back in March, Lyn Leahz interviewed Officer Marty Breeden who stated that he received a dream from the Lord about a football field and the football was on the 2 line in the field and on the board that records time left, he saw 2:13 that was later told to him by the Holy Spirit the 2:13 represents one of the day of the Lord verses in Titus 2:13. 

Marty Breeden's Dream about Titus 2:13 revealed in a dream:

Evan Almighty states 9-22 is an important date. 

So as we can see, 922 is marked as a prophetic date. I am NOT going to carve that in stone for the day of the Lord, but we know it is marked prophetically. A Rapture watch day depending on where you are positioned before or after the International Date line. 

Father YHWH stated Titus 2:13 (from Matthew 1:1) is the 6,777th verse in the New Testament... This alludes to 6 (symbolizing earth) and 777 (symbolizing completion) as Lamech died at 777 years of age 5 years before the flood. So completion is right around the corner on THIS earth about to be cleansed with fire!! 

Now get this, from Genesis 1:1 to Titus 2:13, this would place Titus 2:13 as the 29,922nd verse in the entire Bible KJV version.
29 stands for departure (in Hebrew) and 9:22 in the 29,922 stands for Judges 9:22 and Judges 9:22 is the 6,777th verse in the OLD TESTAMENT!!  We have a double confirmation that Completion is right around the corner on this earth!!!

Plus, we know that from Evan Almighty, the movie released 10 years ago in 2007, predicts the date of September 22nd at mid-day. 

Judges 9:22 can symbolize September 22nd and Judges 9:22 is the 6,777th verse in the Old Testament, while Titus 2:13 is the 6,777th verse in the New Testament from Matthew 1:1.

I was born June 7, 1977 and 6777 is obviously marked prophetically. 

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Brother-in-Christ Bob Ware discovered the amazing anomaly linked 
to 40 years that span from 1977 to 2017:

The total life spans of the last 5 Patriarchs from Jared to Noah was 4023 years
when you add their ages at the time of their death.
7 Whole numbers divide evenly into 4023. 7 stands for completion. 
They are: 1 + 3 + 9 + 27 + 149 + 447 + 1341 which total 1977 the year of my birth...
Excluding the 1 and the 9 the remaining 5 total 1967: 3 + 27 + 149 + 447 + 1341 !!!
1967 is the year the 6 day war was won and was also a Jubilee year.

Age at 
Death /

When we add the ages at death of 962 + 365 + 969 + 777 + 950 we get 4023
and when we add 4023 to 1977 we get an even 6000. 
By our calendar 6.7.1977 to 9.23.2017 will be 14,718 non-inclusive days.
A solar year has 365.2422 days. 14,718 / 365.2422 = 40.296548 years, or 40 years of 365.2422 days + 108.312 days.
6.7.2017 + 108 days will be 9.23.2017, but part of 9.23.2017 in Israel will still be 9.22.2017 here and that would be the 107th day. 

There also is a 22 year cycle for the magnetic poles to shift a full 360 Degrees inside the sun. This ties in with Hebrew Year 5777 that ends September of 2017 going into Hebrew Year 5778 which starts around September 20-23 of 2017 due to the fact that the surface of the sun is 5,778 Degrees Kelvin. This CANNOT be a coincidence!

The question remains, will we all be with the Lord on 9/23 of 2017? We will soon find out. 

If we are not, I will have to say all these number anomalies tied to 9/22 have to mean SOMETHING....

Anyway you look at it, 2017 should be the year of the Rapture according to Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel's prophecy:

If we consider, 2017 + 3983 BC = 6,000 years. So we know that online sources has before mentioned that the fall may have been 3983 BC and 2017 could be the year of the Lord. 

When you take 3983 and add it to 1977 You get 5960. And obviously 5960 added to 40 would give us 6000 years. 

Immediately the Holy Spirit told me that 5960 Hebrew Year would be 2200 AD (Gregorian Year) and 2017 + 183 would be 2200 AD. 

2200 means boiling hot and we know that Yeshua is not wanting Lukewarm Christians. 

Song of Solomon is the 22nd book of the Bible speaking of the Bride of Christ. 

And we both know that the Hebrew alphabet makes up of 22 characters. 

Jeroboam I, the very first king of Israel after the united kingdom split in two in 930 B.C., reigned for 22 years (930 to 909 B.C.).

Ahab, consider the WORST Israelite king, also reigned for the same length of time (22 years) (874 to 853 B.C.). King Amon, who ruled for only two years and is consider one of the worst kings over Judah, began his rule at the age of twenty-two.

God created twenty-two things in the six days of creation.

There are twenty-two books in the Aaronic (Levitical) Old Testament, which is the light of God for Israel. There are twenty-two generations from Adam to Jacob. When Moses raised up the tabernacle of God there were exactly 22,000 Levites consecrated to serve.

Light is used twenty-two times in the Gospel of John. The 22nd time John uses the word, he quotes Jesus: "I have come as a light into the world . . ." (John 12:46). Christians are to walk in the light of Christ (John 3:21), and be the light of the world (Matthew 5:14 - 15).

The apostle Paul's epistle to the Hebrews, written to Greek-speaking Jews and Gentiles, is the 22nd book of the New Testament.

So to conclude, 9 means judgment and finality and 22 is also symbolic of the Lord's Light. 

Not carving this in stone, but ... something major has to happen this day according to Bible Prophecy...


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