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Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel's Prophecy Ties in With Amos 3:7 ~ 30 JUBILEE CYCLES HIDDEN & REVEALED!!!

Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos is the 30th book in the KJV Bible

From 1217 AD to 1517 AD is a total of 300 years or 6 jubilee cycles of 50 years per cycle

From 1517 AD to 1917 AD is a total of 400 years or 8 jubilee cycles of 50 years per cycle

From 1917 AD to 1967 AD is a total of 50 years or 1 jubilee cycle

From 1967 AD to 2017 AD is a total of 50 years or 1 jubilee cycle

If you notice, we can use basic mathematical calculations to find out why Amos is directly tied to Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel's Prophecy, we can know that the number 30 is not a coincidence.

-The Rabbi prophesied that there would be 8 jubilee cycles under the control of the Ottoman Turks

-He then prophesied that after 8 jubilees were complete, 1 jubilee cycle would occur when part of Jerusalem would be a "NO MAN'S LAND"

-He then prophesied that the Messianic End times would begin 1 jubilee cycle later or 50 years after Jerusalem would be under the ownership of the Jewish People and not Jordan.

-Lastly from 2017 AD (Year of Jubilee) to 3017 AD (Possible end of 1000 year reign) would give us a total of 1000 years or 20 jubilee cycles.

If we add:
    8 jubilee cycles  (1517 - 1917)
    1 jubilee cycle   (1917 - 1967)
    1 jubilee cycle   (1967 - 2017)
  20 jubilee cycles (2017 - 3017)
30 jubilee cycles = Amos is the 30th book in the Bible..............................

COINCIDENCE??? I report, you decide  :)

Amos is the 30th book, and chapter 3, verse 7 is the prophecy on how the LORD reveals
things to His servants the prophets.

3 represents complete, 7 represents completion, 10 represents completeness of order.
We know that we have 3 righteous patriarchs before the flood who were Abel, Enoch and Noah. After the deluge there were the righteous "fathers" Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (later renamed Israel). The Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit make up 3, and we know that There were only three individuals who witnessed Jesus' transfiguration on Mount Hermon. Those who saw Jesus' glory on the mount were John, Peter and James.

7 represents completion, for it is clear Yahweh rested on the 7th day, and after 6,000 years, the LORD God will rule with a rod of iron for a 1000 years. This 1000 year time span can be configured as 20 jubilee cycles as well (50 years per cycle). 50 jubilee cycles x 20 years per cycle = 1,000 years

And we know that 20 single years, spans from the going forth of the commandment to build Israel, which happened in 1947 when Israel was established a nation at the UN ~ to 20 years later landing us in the year 1967 (the year the Jewish People won the 6 day war).

So I do not believe Amos 3:7 is just a coincidence here, especially when Amos is the 30th book in the KJV Bible. This I believe should prove that Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel is tied to Amos 3:7.

TO NOTE: According to Halley's Bible Handbook for the King James Version Scriptures, the book of Amos was written in 751 BC to address the apostasy and wickedness of Israel.
This prophecy seems to have been delivered on a visit to Bethel (Amos 7:10-14) about 30 years before the fall of Israel. Amos was a prophet of Judah, the Southern Kingdom, with a message to Israel, the Northern Kingdom, in the reigns of Uzziah king of Judah (787 - 735 BC), and Jeroboam II king of Israel (790-749 BC) Amos 1:1, Josephus says, was co-incident with the imposition of Uzziah's leprosy as mentioned in II Chronicles 26:16-21), according to which, Amos' prophecy was about 751 BC.

From 751 BC to 1216 AD = we get a total of 1,967 YEARS!!!
According to Wikipedia, Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel was born in the year 1150 AD in Speyer, and then died in early February in 1217 AD at the age of 67!! According to Wikipedia, he died in Regensburg, Bavaria.  This puts me in question if his writings about the prophecy of Jubilee Cycles until the Messianic end times begins was written and finalized in 1216 AD considering the fact that Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel died in early 1217 on the 22nd of February.
From the time Amos wrote in 751 BC to the approximate year Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel wrote this prophecy, is a total of:
751 BC + 1216 AD = 1967!!! This alludes to the year 1967 AD, which is a key year in Judah Ben Samuel's Jubilee Year Prophecies!!! 

I hope this means we go up in the Gregorian Year 2017. May our Lord & Savior Yeshua HaMashiach bless you abundantly these very last days. Shalom.

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