Wednesday, June 7, 2017

September 23, 2017 Marked by Obama's Date of Inauguration in 2009 & Pi Ratio!!

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So as we can see, January 20, 2009 plus 888 (JESUS) x Pi plus 'Yeshua HaMeshiach' (754) / 2 = Sept. 23, 2017!! 2 Symbolizes unity between Yeshua & The Body of Christ. 
May 14, 1948 (The Re-birth of Israel) + the sum of all Old Testament Chapter numbers (24,978) + 113 x Pi ratio gives us September 23, 2017 as well. The meaning of 113 is the fact that Lamech was 113 years of age when Enoch was translated or raptured into heaven. Lamech was 777 years of age when he died when Noah was 595 years of age, five years before the flood began. So we know that Noah was 600 years of age when he entered the ark and that Lamech died at 777, five years before the flood according to Genesis chapter 5. According to Strong's Hebrew Concordance, 113 means Lord & Master. We can consider Isaiah 26:17 as a sign we will see our Lord & Savior Yeshua HaMeshiach face to face around the time this sign takes place. 

 Isaiah 26:17-18 King James Version (KJV)
Like as a woman with child (Virgo w/ Jupiter), that draweth near the time of her delivery, is in pain, and crieth out in her pangs (Sept. 22 - 23); so have we (the body of Christ) been in thy sight, O Lord.  We might be looking at our LORD in Heaven when Virgo is near the time of her delivery between September 20th - September 23rd!! 

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Titus 2:13 we all know is the 6,777th verse in the New Testament from Matthew 1:1 speaking of our blessed hope for the day of the Rapture. 
Titus 2:13 is the 29,922nd verse in the KJV Bible from Genesis 1:1 which means 
departure (29) and 922 for Judges 9:22, the 6,777th verse in the OT from Genesis 1:1.
Judges 9:22 speaks of Abimelech, a foreshadow of the Antichrist. 

Song of Solomon is the 22nd book in the Bible and in chapter 2, the rapture occurs. 
I was born on 6777 and all of this cannot be a coincidence, especially when we know 
that Obama served from 1-20-2009 to 1-20-2017 for a total of 2,922 days!! 

Jan 20, 2009 to Jan 20, 2017 = 2,922 days pointing to Judgment (9) on Sept. 22 / 23
when the Revelation 12 sign occurs!!!

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