Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jewish Prophet In Israel Given Severe Warning From God To USA of Horrifi...

DO NOT CELEBRATE DECEMBER 25th!! The chances of us being here
in late December of 2017 is slim to nill, but we have to make sure, that if YOU,
and this definitely DOES NOT Apply to me and my daughter for we have been
happily repenting from Pagan Dec. 25th for many many years now, that if YOU
have celebrated Dec. 25th birthday of Tammuz and his father Nimrod - please
fall on your knees and ask for forgiveness with all your heart for the Lord to
forgive you of this abomination!! For if Tammuz is listed as an abomination
to Father YHWH in Ezekiel 8, then would celebrating his birthday of December
25th also be an abomination??? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, we only have weeks
left until the Revelation 12 sign happens!!!!!!!!

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