Monday, August 7, 2017


Daughter, prophesy to the man of sin. I know who you are. Once again a battle comes. I created the Garden, you defiled it. Now I see you cause My children to bow down and worship you in another attempt to be God. You treat your women and children like cattle, when I created woman as a help-mate. You will rise to power and command more death and fighting. I see you in your secret chamber and I see your hidden sexual perversion. You can't hide from Me, I AM. I see as you as the serpent and two-horned goat. My children, those having their eyes open, will know who you are and flee from your commands. Listen to these words beast... Your time is limited, your destruction will be cut off at the appointed time. Many will be removed, many will suffer under your rule. Children, you must be prepared. Read and share My Gospel. This is The Sword. Put on your armor. Do not slumber now.

Clearly Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist and Clearly He will be revealed when the 7th King, Donald J. Trump, is removed off the world scene....

These numbers DO NOT LIE!!!!! Plus, when Obama was elected president November 4, 2008, the very next day, the Illinois State Lottery was literally used by Father God and God made the pick three and pick four lottery numbers show up as 666 and 7779!!!! This is not a lie, I called the Illinois State Lottery and spoke with a lady who DID in fact confirm that 666 was the pick 3 lottery winning numbers and that 7779 was the pick 4 winning lottery numbers and that they hired a Statistician and it was calculated that the chances of this occurring are 1 in over 3 billion, 750 million - nearly impossible!!

And to all the trolls who trolled all over Sister Barbara's video in the comment section, YOU are in for a VERY RUDE awakening!!! Trump is the Last Trump and Trump knows the numbers in the 2nd picture above!! Obama IS the 8th King of Revelation 17 and if you don't believe it, you DO NOT WANT eyes to see and you are running out of very serious time!!! 

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